Learning English online

Learning English online


Learning English Online is now accepted by many people as a means to improve English communication skills. Studying online removes most of the costs and inconveniences associated with offline schools. It removes the need to drive or travel to and from class. Online learning is also inexpensive. It gives the student a chance to work and attend school.

Advantages of learning English Online

Students learning English online have more advantages than those studying offline. If dissatisfied with the quality of learning a student can search for a new school and transfer easily. This is not always easy to do if you are an offline student. Changing school may force  you to relocate to another city. This may increase your cost of learning English. Online schools tend to be more organized than offline schools. This is probably because of the competition for online schools.

There is also greater level of flexibility with online schools than with offline schools. Many offline language schools are not open on weekends or in the evenings. Their class sizes are also limited by the sitting capacity. The online schools are usually open all the time and can accept many students.

What about safety?. There is less concern about safety online. There are a few situations in offline learning where safety may be an issue.

For example learning pronunciations of certain words offline may require close interaction with an instructor in situations which may be questionable . You may have fears of meeting the instructor frequently alone on a one to one basis. This is something you don’t have to worry about if you are learning English online.

If you are learning English offline, you may also have limited access to native English Speakers who could  be able to help in learning certain aspects of English language. On the other hand Learning English online provides students with access to many native English speakers from all over the world. You can talk to them through your telephone and no traveling is required.

Online classes tend to encourage the use of interactive devices  while Offline English teachers do not find the need for extra technology or devices.

Most online instructors may use websites, videos, music and other engaging media in their classrooms.

A teacher can teach online while struggling with a serious cold or flu. As such there is no risk of spreading infectious diseases as is common in most offline courses during certain times in the year.

An instructor doesn’t have to cancel a class because of an infectious cold or flu. Online courses have become so popular that many universities have introduced a large number of online courses.

Challenges of learning English Online

There are disadvantages and challenges with learning English online. Some students may be challenged by the use of the internet or computer. Sometimes technology between the instructor and the student can be major or minor obstacle in learning. This challenge is usually overcome with time .

Certain students may not understand the accent of the native speaker on telephone. This can pose challenges as the student cannot communicate with the native speaker.This also may occur in an online class.  There are web tools and recorded Compact Disks(CDs) which can help to teach certain concepts to the students. This obstacle is not difficult to overcome. There are also many online dictionaries which could also help.

Offline learning recommended for complete beginners of English language

For a student who is a beginner and or wants accent reduction, we don’t recommend learning English online. We recommend finding a local native speaker if it’s possible to help with the basic learning. This may require much more time on individual basis.

Learning English online appears to benefit students with at least basic level of reading, writing and speaking.

Our course titled Online English is designed for learners who would like to learn enough English to succeed in their career or pursue further studies. It is also suitable for those preparing for Canadian citizenship. Find out if you meet the requirements.

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