Learn English to succeed

Learn English to succeed

Learn English? Why? It depends on where you live. If you live in Canada or USA and English is not your native language, its necessary to learn English. Most people in these countries are native English speakers.

You will not be able to communicate with native English speakers unless you learn English. Learning English is  the process of gaining knowledge in use of the English language. It includes gaining skill in speaking, writing, reading or comprehension through studying, practicing or being taught if you happen to live in these countries or where English is the official medium of communication. Its hard to learn English on your own.

If you choose not to learn English or  improve your communication skills, you will frequently face miscommunication and delay in social integration in both USA and in Canada. To succeed in Canada or USA, learning English is essential.

Those who delay learning English, improving  their English communication skills or don’t start at all tend to have a longer delay in getting a good job. They feel out of place and cannot participate in community activities. The most important challenge for a person to succeed in North America  is not enough education although sometimes it is. The biggest challenge is ability to communicate well in English. If you are not proficient in English, make learning English your first priority and you will  begin to realize the benefits.

If you don’t Learn English, you are planning to fail

If you look at most job advertisements in newspapers in Canada, you will not be surprised to find the statement “strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills required” or “must speak, read and write English”.  For most customer service jobs you will find “must have excellent communication skills.”If you learn English or improve on what you have, you to meet this job requirement.

Communication skills include the act of transferring information through speaking, writing or through the body language. To communicate you must be understood by the other people. You must also be able to understand other people.If one person fails to understand the other, communication has failed.

There are many people who have lived in Canada and USA for many years but still can’t communicate in English fluently in English. These people have never decided that they want to learn English. Your success depends on your decision. Unless a person recognizes the need to learn English and begins to learn, that person is planning to fail in meeting career goals. You must have a short term plan which involves beginning to learn English.

Learning English can begin with free online lessons. You can learn Basic English for free in the internet. If you are motivated you can learn the spoken English by listening to lessons on CD. If you don’t have the Basic English level this approach may not work. You need pay a tutor to help you to get started . To get a job the free English lessons may not be adequate. You need to be more equipped for business. If you have at least a Basic English level you can try our online English program. The courses  are well designed  with well defined objectives. They have many quizzes for students to practice.

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