learn English language with a goal

learn English language with a goal

“Learn English language” is a phrase which could mean to acquire knowledge  or skill in English language by either self study or instruction. You can learn English language by studying it on your own or through instruction by a teacher from a campus or online.

Adults who want to learn English come from countries where English is not used as a first language. When they come to Canada or united states, they realize there is need to learn and improve what they already have.

The most common question in peoples mind is how long will it take to be fluent in English if I take this course. Some websites claim 6 months while others claim 12 months. Although we provide an online course, we don’t make such promises as we have not seen it happen.

In our opinion no one can tell you with certainty how long it will take you to be fluent in English. To learn English language takes time. How long it will take depends on how much time you are going to put into it. The more hours you put to learn English language and practice what you learn, the faster you will attain fluency especially if you live in a country where many people  English

It could take as long as three years to learn English language

For argument purposes we will borrow a leaf from the book “Outliers” written by Malcom Gladwell. The Author argues that you need 10,000 hours of learning or practicing whatever skill you have chosen to learn to be an expert. If we take learning English to be the desired skill, you will also need 10,000 hours to gain academic fluency.

You can achieve this fluency in 3 years if you learn English language and practice it 9 hours a day.

This is possible if you work in an environment where English is the only means of communication, and you commit yourself to read a book every week, watch movies and use English language in ordinary communication throughout the day.

This will work only if you have a good foundation in the four areas; grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will not attain fluency unless you learn the correct grammar, proper word pronunciation and comprehension.

Some people have practiced wrong grammar for a long time and its now difficulty to teach them the right grammar. However its possible to improve. Our recommendation is that when you come to Canada or USA, have a plan to learn or improve your English language proficiency as soon as possible.

Step 1

Decide that you want to learn English language.

Step 2

Choose a school in which students are well taught. The school should have a well planned program with assignments, tests and quizzes and qualified instructors. This may be a physical or online school. Click here if you are interested in an online school.

Step 3

Register for the program

Step 4

Complete the program. Don’t be distracted by anything around you.

Step 5

Commit yourself to read english novels, plays, newspapers, watch TV english channels and podcast for 3 years or more. Above remember to speak in English everyday.

We have an online english course for general purposes, academic purposes, and professional/business purposes . choose one of them.  If after the initial 12 months you continue to practice by writing articles for the internet such as in blogs and speaking in English for 2 more years you will be fairly fluent in English.You must put a lot of effort to learn English language but it will be worth it.