English for Professional Purposes

English for Professional Purposes

Key for better opportunities

English for Professional Purposes is designed to meet the needs of adults who would like to continue their professional career in Canada but cannot do so because of poor communication in English. If you have not been able to find a job in Canada and English is not your native language, this website may be able to assist. Please continue reading on.

The course has everything you need to improve your communication skills in English. It’s however not suitable for everyone. To be admitted you will need to have basic skills in reading and writing English. You will also need to make a commitment to spend 3-4 hours every day learning English.

Regular practice on “Speaking and listening”

To succeed in a business in the 21st century you will need to be able to speak clearly. You also need to listen what others are saying. This is vital where people are working together in a team.

We have included English speaking and listening in English for Professional Purposes. Speaking and listening are emphasized. As you practice speaking and listening your skills will drastically improve.

In most jobs you will have to make an oral presentation to someone who is not familiar with your accent. It’s important for you to listen to them carefully to understand them. When you are working on a project at work, you must be able to understand others and also be understood.

We emphasize on Grammar

Grammar plays an important role in speaking and writing. We therefore emphasize on developing proper skills in grammar right from the day you start class. In English for Professional Purposes you will learn the rules used to create simple sentences to more complex sentences.

You will also learn how to correct wrong sentences in various types of writing. Writing skills are essential to succeed in any career. These skills help you to get promotion and success. Without good grammar skills you will not be able to write or speak well.

You need good writing skills to succeed in your career. If you want to be an accountant, a lawyer, a marketer, a speaker, a hairstylist or a massage therapist in Canada you need to be able to write correctly and accurately to be understood by others. In English for Professional Purposes you will cultivate solid writing skills. We have built-in lessons to help compile book synopses, short descriptions, dialogues, professional letters and resumes writing. With English for Professional Purposes you will have a solid base to advance your career.

Reading comprehension is vital in business

In your workplace you will sometimes be required to read reports, instructions manual, or business communications of varying difficulty. English for Professional Purposes includes reading comprehension to enable you to learn how to read paying attention to the purpose of the writer. To practice and improve reading comprehension you will read a number of selected textbooks. This will be supplemented by short essays to improve your skills

Graduation and certification

If you complete and pass this course you will receive a certificate and a transcript. The transcript will show all the grades you obtained while at school for this course. Students will be expected to complete this course within 9-12 months if they commit 3-4 hours a day.

A student, who commits to do this course full time, may take about 6 months. It’s not recommended that you take less than 6 months because you will not be able to master all the concepts covered unless you already have advanced skills. Contact us if you have advanced skills and would like to register.



As there are many challenges in communication for non-native English Speakers, Online English for General Purposes was designed for people who want to improve their English in order to be able to carry on a conversation in English, write and read better. It’s only for people whose first language is not English. For best results students should commit to do something
It presents concepts and their application in day to day communication. This enhances fast improvement in English communication
General information
• Target Group: This course is designed for people with Basic English communication skills who desire to improve speaking writing, reading and comprehension for better general communications. You qualify If you are able to search and find this course in the internet
• Learning Level: Intermediate
• Total Length of Course: 610 hours
• Cost: $1300

You must have some Basic English communication skills to take this course as instructions are given in English. Contact us if you are not sure for an interview. You will also need a fast internet connection and a reliable computer.

The course consists of four modules.

Module 1

This module consists of 11 topics; and each topic has a, Reading assignment, Grammar lesson, a Grammar quiz, and an Audio listening lesson. Grammar and Audio listening are emphasized.

Module 2

This module consists of 10 topics, and each topic has slightly more advanced Reading assignments, Grammar lessons, Grammar quizzes, Idioms and some commonly misused words in English and different interesting day to day life Audio listening lessons.

Module 3

This module consists of 8 topics; and each topic has slightly more advanced than previous, Reading assignments, Grammar lessons, a Grammar quizzes, Idioms and some more commonly misused words in English and different entertaining Audio listening lessons.

Module 4

This module consists of 8 topics; and each topic has more advanced than previous module, Reading assignments, Grammar lessons, a Grammar quizzes, Idioms and some commonly misused words in English and more entertaining Audio listening lessons.

After completion of this course you will be able to:

read and understand documents, newspaper articles and magazines
write clear understandable paragraphs
construct grammatically correct sentences
understand idioms in spoken or written material
Confident in writing and speaking
understand native English speakers more easily
carry a conversation with native English speakers

After completion of this course you will be able to:

English for General Purposes

This course is Instructor-led and is delivered through our secure student friendly online Learning Management System.

Each topic has a quiz and an assignment. These are meant to evaluate your progress in achieving your goals. You should therefore dedicate time for assignment everyday to make the best out of this course.