Learn English Grammar

Learn English Grammar




Before you begin to learn English grammar you will need to realize that grammar consists of rules which direct the usage of English language. To understand others or to be understood you need a strong grasp of English grammar. This is more so if English is not your first language.

Commitment to learn English Grammar!

Most people who are not native English speakers make serious grammatical mistakes as they speak or in their writing. This makes it difficult for others to understand them.

Failure to be understood can have serious consequences such as losing a job opportunity. Failure to understand others can have serious consequences including getting lost while traveling to a new city.

I have seen people miss a bus and a train because they did not understand the directions they were given in English. Imagine having to take a taxi because you missed the last bus or train.  It takes time to learn English Grammar. You have to decide that you need to learn English Grammar.

To learn English grammar you must learn the different building blocks. These blocks include articles, verbs adverbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, adjectives, conjunctions and interjections. You can learn them from books, a mentor and the internet or from a reputable school.

If you have at least basic level of English, you can improve your written English by reading books. During the reading you should pay attention to sentence structures. Pay attention to how a sentence is constructed. Even watching movies in English can help you to improve your knowledge of English grammar. It’s however difficult to learn a language on your own.

Most people will need either a mentor or attend a school. A mentor should have a strong command of the English Language. It’s easy to find a person who can speak in English and with the right accent. It’s however hard to find a mentor with the proper knowledge of grammar and able to teach.

If you find a mentor, try to speak in English only. You can ask your mentor help. Most good mentors tend to be teachers of English Language.

Most people learn English Grammar at School or College. Very few people who learn English Grammar are self-taught. In this web page we have created multiple choice questions to help you to assess your  basic grammar.

If you score 100% in your first attempt, you probably don’t need a basic course in English Grammar. You may however need to improve your communication skills for work or academic purposes.  If you score less than 75%, you certainly need to improve your English grammar.  Find out which of our online 3 programs suits your circumstances.