Online spoken English course

Online spoken English course

Online spoken English is a phrase that has been recently created in the internet. It is commonly used by people searching for a course in spoken English delivered over the internet.

We interpret the term “online spoken English” to mean a form of English that is spoken online. Our interpretation is based on review of several words based on the root word “online”. For example the term “online books” mean books which can be read “online” and cannot be downloaded. “Online English” course means a course delivered over the internet.

We don’t think the term “online spoken English” has any meaning. It’s just a search term used in the internet.

Online spoken English course and English learning software

Users of the term “online spoken English” expect to find a course in which they can learn spoken English. There are several courses that are available online. These courses involve learning English using software. For the course to be online, the students cannot download the software. They subscribe for the software for a year or on monthly basis.  If a student fails to pay the monthly subscription, access is denied. The software may help students to learn pronunciation, vowels, and consonants among other benefits.

So far we don’t have any shorter phrase to replace” online spoken English”. Most likely people will continue to use this phrase for a long time as they search for online spoken English. It should probably be called online spoken English course.

If you are looking for an online spoken English course we may be able to help. Although it’s not absolutely online, you will not be required to attend on campus-class. You can do the whole course in the comfort of your home on your computer.   It’s however offered along with grammar, reading, writing and comprehension. We don’t belief that one can learn spoken English correctly without leaning the other components of English language.

You probably know of native English speakers who don’t communicate well in English because they didn’t go to school. We recommend that if you want to learn spoken English, try to do it in an integrated manner. You can  can find  more information here.