Pharmacovigilance course

Pharmacovigilance course

Pharmacovigilance course

Pharmacovigilance course was designed to help personnel in the pharmaceutical industry to monitor the effects of licensed pharmaceuticals and medical devices to identify and assess adverse reactions and adverse events. Since medicines are licensed based on benefits and risks assessments, continued assessment of risk is necessary after a drug is licensed. This pharmacovigilance course will focus on the collection and detection of adverse effects. It will also include how adverse reactions are assessed, monitored and prevented in order to ensure the safety of the patients. Pharmacovigilance is required in Canada for all drugs.
pharmacovigilance course
This pharmacovigilance course provides in-depth knowledge and skills for those already working in the field of pharmacovigilance. It will also help those who are looking for an entry position in pharmacovigilance and do not want to take a full Regulatory Affairs program. It addresses the pharmacovigilance requirements for the Canadian, USA and the EU markets.

General information for pharmacovigilance course

In this pharmacovigilance course you will gain deeper understanding of pharmacovigilance (Pv). It is designed for personnel who deal with patient safety issues during pre-market drug development all the way until it’s licensed as well as throughout its life cycle. There are several similar online courses but either they completely ignore the Canadian Market or are too brief. This course includes the Canadian market as well as other jurisdictions. The course will be relevant to:

Regulatory affairs Professionals,
Pharmacovigilance auditors
Clinical safety staff
Quality Management personel
Pharmacovigilance Associates And Managers
Pharmacovigilance specialists
Clinical Research auditors
Clinical Investigators and Managers of Clinical trial

Learning Level: Basic and intermediate


Total Length of Course: 35 hours
Cost: CAD$950 

Pharmacovigilance course

This pharmacovigilance course is for pharmaceutical personnel who want to have a better understanding of the collection, detection ,assessment and prevention of adverse effects.  A good command of English language and a  understanding of  biology and medical terminologies are recommended.

Pharmacovigilance course

The  following will be covered in this course.

  • General overview of pharmacovigilance
  • Global Regulatory Pharmacovigilance requirements
  • Pharmacovigilance audit
  • Signals and Risk Assessment
  • Medical Device vigilance

Good Clinical Practice

Students will be able to do the following and more after completing this course

  • Describe pre-market and post-market adverse events
  • Describe the adverse event process flow
  • Understand how to assess adverse events reports
  • Describe the differences in Eu, USA and Canadian legislation for reporting and assessing of adverse drug reactions and adverse events
  • Discuss the main considerations in pharmacovigilance audits and inspections
  • Understand how to compile pharmacovigilance checklist
  • Describe the legalities of signal detection and analysis in USA, Canada and Eu.
  • Know how medical devices safety and vigilance data are collected, assessed and transmitted to Regulatory Agencies
  • Discuss trend analysis and risk management of medical devices


pharmacovigilance course

Pharmacovigilance course is delivered through our secure student friendly online Learning Management System.

pharmacovigilance course.  There are 4 modules. Each module has 4 topics.  Students will have one quiz per module. Each module will also have one assignment.

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