The following are some of the most common frequently asked questions(FAQs). FAQs help students understand what we do. FAQs also help us to know what our students want.
1.Who is eligible to register? Our programs are designed for adults aged over 18 years with a basic knowledge of computers and a discipline for self-study. You can register for any program which whether you are a computer expert or a novice. You can apply from anywhere in the world provided you have a reliable internet connection and qualify for admission.

2. What programs are available? Currently we are offering and English and Pharmaceutical courses.

3. One of the most common FAQS is “Are you accredited?” Our courses are of high quality and meet the demands of related industries. We are currently pursuing accreditation by various reputable organizations to satisfy those who place require accreditation.

4. How long are your programs? Most courses last for less than 40 hours except for the English courses which may last for up to 52 weeks.English courses lasts for this long because students need enough time to develop communication skills. The length of the course depends on individual students  effort.

5. When can I start? You can start your course within 24 hours after we receive your fees. As soon as your financing is in place, your account for online class will be set up for you. You will receive an email and a password.

6. How much does the English course cost? The course will  normally cost CAD$2,600 but you may get it for less if there is a promotion . Check

7. What does the tuition cover?. This is a common question among the FAQs. The tuition covers  learning material, tests, quizzes, projects supervision and grading. You also will be able to download  study material from your student account.  We also provide you with a list of reference books  in case you would want to buy any of them or refer to them at a later stage in your career.

8. Do you provide financial assistance? We don’t provide financial assistance but sometimes we award a few scholarships. We sometimes have  a promotion in which all the students who register within a specified period may pay a discounted rate.Click here for more information

9. What type of computer do I need? You will need a PC or a laptop with high capacity hard drive


10. Do I have to attend a class at a specific time?. This is a common question among the FAQs.  Our system is flexible. Although you can attend class at any time of the day you will still need to fulfill your daily educational obligations to succeed. You will have a schedule showing weekly assignments, quizzes, tests and assignments. You will be expected to spend at least 20 hours per week on school related activities. If you don’t set aside enough hours for school work, you risk not achieving your goals of learning effectively and graduating.

11. How do I get to know my progress in my studies? You will be informed by your instructors about your progress. You will also be able to view your grades on your computer. Instructors will give you personal comments on projects, assignments etc. If you  fall behind schedule, you will also be informed by email or over the phone. This is to help you identify the problems and seek for solutions.

12. What do I do if I am sick and cannot attend school? Contact your instructor and we will consider your case on individual basis.

13. Do I need  to come to the head office to do exams? This was  one of the least common FAQs.Your course is completely online. You do all your tests and quizzes online.

14. What kind of certificate or diploma will I get?  Upon successful completion of your program you will be awarded a certificate . The certificate will be posted to your address within 2 weeks of successful completion of the course.

15. Do you help students to get job placements? We help but we don’t provide placements. The career services manager will critique your resume and help you to write your cover letter. You will have 12 months support after graduation.

16. Can I pay my fees by installments? Yes, but you will need to contact us to make arrangements. This can be done on case by case basis.

17. How do I submit my homework? You will be submitting your assignments by combining online submissions and uploads. Your instructor will help you.

18. Are your instructors qualified? This is also common among FAQs. All our instructors are qualified and have at least a bachelor’s degree and three  or more years experience in their chosen fields. They provide personalized assistance, monitor your progress, grade your tests and assignments and give you suggestions for improvements.

19. What are the advantages of distance education? You study at your own pace. Our system is not rigid. We offer 24 hours access, unlimited tutorial through a combination of toll free facilitation and web based support to ensure you receive high quality education.

20. What happens if your website is down? Immediately contact support although this rarely happens .
21. Is my personal information safe? Yes. All your personal information is safe. We don’t store personal information on our website. All you information is stored offline.

22.How will I be assessed?You will be assessed throughout the course. There are assignments  and tasks you will need to complete and submit to your instructor for marking. We hope these FAQs will help you to know what we do. More FAQs will be added later.