Are text books relevant today?

Are text books relevant today?

Despite the availability of free information online, the need for professional books continue. Schools, universities and colleges need books for the various courses they offer.  All professionals need books and journals to expand their knowledge base. They can’t just rely on articles published in the internet. Why?books for my home library

Professional books are rich in content that has been compiled with the profession in view.
The internet is a great source of information including free articles and books. The internet is the greatest source of free information.

Internet articles  are too short and may be inaccurate

These articles average about 300-600 words. Sometimes there isn’t much detail in these articles and you have to look for more. Some articles are 700-1000 words or longer but they are few.

Because anyone can write an article and publish it online, it’s difficult to know the credibility of the information as these articles have no reviewers or editors. Many articles do not even cite the source of information. Sometimes the information published is inaccurate or totally wrong. You need to know the Author to trust the information.
If you want in-depth information you have to buy a book. You can by and download Kindle books or read them online. There are kindle books in almost every discipline or topic. You can even borrow some  for a limited time. Access to the book will cease at a pre-set time.

Trusted internet sources of information

Most people trust articles from Wikipedia as the authors cite their references. Several people are usually involved in the writing, editing and review.
Government websites are also believed to be credible as the information has been reviewed by others before it’s published.

There are many other credible websites by professionals and experts in many areas but it’s difficult for most people to find them. No expert or professional would like to tarnish their reputation by publishing work that does not reflect their expertise.

Credibility does not necessarily mean you agree with the information.  Here are some ways to test for credibility.

Are published books  more credible than articles?

Why should we buy books? Books are more credible than articles because they have an Author(s), publisher, year of publication among other details.You can tell if the information is current or dated. Some internet articles have no author and its not easy to tell the date of publication.

Books are organized in chapters. Each chapter deals with different aspects of a subject or topic. You can get an in-depth knowledge of a topic or a subject by reading a book. Searching online can take you 10-20 hours or 200-500 in wasted time. A book may cost only $10-20.

The other benefit of a book is that you can always go back to it for reference. On the other hand reading articles from 20 or 3o websites can pose a challenge. Some articles also disappear from the internet.

Although the pharmaceutical industry uses a lot of advanced technologies, it is knowledge based. All the personnel must be well trained and knowledgeable in  their areas of operation. Many books are now published for continuing education. We have collected several books that are relevant to the pharmaceutical industry which you can purchase from the publisher.




written by: Job Kiaira