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Good Manufacturing Practices-GMP

Good Manufacturing Practices-GMP

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Pharmaceutical GMP

GMP also called Good Manufacturing Practices in Canada is used to refer to control and management of manufacturing and quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical products. Canadian GMP is similar to GMP practiced in many other countries. Canada has also GMP for Natural Health products and for Clinical Trial products.working in gmp compliant facility

This course provides essential understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceuticals and clinical trial products and their impact on product quality and patient safety. It covers a wide range of issues such as how pharmaceutical companies ensure compliance with the regulations, reasons for making quality products, and risk classifications

General information

Unlike many other online courses, this  is an in-depth course designed for personnel interested in learning the Canadian GMP regulations and principles for different areas of pharmaceutical businesses such as

  • pharmaceutical regulatory affairs,
  • quality control,
  • quality assurance,
  • research and development and
  • manufacturing.

Learning Level: Basic and intermediate
Total Length of Course: 26 hours
Cost:CAD $585.

Pharmaceutical Good manufacturing practices

This course is for individuals who want to understand and apply the Canadian good manufacturing practices in a pharmaceutical company. A good command of English language and a basic understanding of chemistry and biology are recommended, but not mandatory.

Pharmaceutical Good manufacturing practices

Pharmaceutical Good manufacturing practices

After completion of this course you will be able to:

Discuss the importance of good manufacturing practices
Describe how the quality control department and business management can assure quality
Understand the classification of risks
Understand the role of personnel, premises, facilities, raw materials, raw material vendors and laboratory testing in the manufacturing pharmaceuticals of high quality
Categorize risks
Identify the key sections of the good manufacturing practices
Comprehend the requirements of annual quality review
Describe complaint handling and recall procedures
Recognize records that should be maintained.

Pharmaceutical Good manufacturing practices

This course is Instructor-led and is delivered through our secure student friendly online Learning Management System.

Pharmaceutical Good manufacturing practices. There are 13 topics and Students will complete one quiz and one homework assignment per topic. Students will also be graded on forum participation in each topic. There will be one final course examination.